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Small bathroom kit "Tove"

The bathroom kit "Tove" is available in two sizes and this is the "little kit". 


The kit which consists of: 


  • A knitted towel (you choose the size of the towel)
  • A handmade  eco-soap (40 g) from Malin in Ratan (you choose which soap it should be)
  • A package of loofah pillows  from Malin in Ratan
  • A pack of cleansing sponges for the face  from Malin in Ratan
  • A small crocheted basket in jute



Towels  I knit in a pattern that gives it  a fine structure. At the bottom and top it is stockinette stitch and I have chosen to make a folding edge. Towel strap  I weave myself with the same yarn used to create the towel.  I combine two different yarn threads for these towels. Partly a yarn that is 100% organic cotton and then another yarn that consists of hemp, cotton and modal. This gives the towels a good absorbency and gives them a slightly rough feeling, which I appreciate.


You can choose from eight different handmade eco-soaps:


  • Nettle & Birch
  • Clove
  • Red clay & Rose - with or without  added fragrance
  • Shea & Avocado - herbal scent
  • Lavender
  • Marigold & Citrus
  • Mint & Eucalyptus


The loofah pillows are perfect for putting the soap on. I myself put the loofah pillow in a nice dish where I then put the soap.


The cleaning sponges  to the face are wonderful to use. The skin feels very clean afterwards and gets a nice peeled glow. The mushrooms  consists of biodegradable cellulose sponge of cotton and linen. 


The basket of crochet I jutesnöre.



When you order this kit, no matter what size of towel you choose, you save SEK 105 compared to ordering all these products separately. 

Small bathroom kit "Tove"

  • Mått på handdukarna och ekotvålens vikt

    The guest towel / small towel 25 x 35 cm

    Towel 35 x 45 cm

    Eco-soap  40 g

  • Material


    70% cotton, of which 50% is organic cotton,  17% hemp and  13% modal


    Handmade eco-soap from Malin in Ratan

    No matter which soap you choose, they are made with certified organic and  natural ingredients.


    Luff pillows



    The cleaning sponges

    Biodegradable cellulose sponge made of cotton and linen


    The basket

    100% jute string

  • Care instructions

    The towel is washed at 60 degrees without fabric softener. 

  • Value

    Towel 25 x 35 cm  210 kr

    Towel 35 x 45 cm SEK 280

    Eco soap (40 g) SEK 65

    Luff pillows 60 ISK

    Cleaning sponges SEK 40

    Jutekorg 100 kr

    Total value (towel 25x35 cm): 475  kr

    Total value (towel 35x45 cm): 545  kr

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