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The wool blanket

This is my latest blanket that I have simply chosen to call "The wool blanket". It is fantastically soft and comfortable, my new favorite blanket! Wool has the ability to regulate heat and cold and therefore I feel that it warms me perfectly.


The wool blanket is rib crocheted, which makes it stretchable. The yarn I use for this blanket is a thick and lovely Lovikkagarn, 100% Swedish sheep wool. You can choose from three natural colors (uncoloured wool): natural white, light gray or dark gray.


You can choose between two sizes: 100 x 120 cm or 120 x 150 cm. The smaller blanket is perfect if you want a blanket when you sit in e.g. an armchair.


Do you want to feel and squeeze the blanket before you decide? Order one or more test samples :)

The wool blanket

  • Weights and Measures

    W: 100 x L: 120 cm, weighs 1.2 kg

    W: 120 x L: 150 cm, weighs 2.2 kg

    Because the blanket is ribbed, it is stretchable and will be larger when used.

  • Material

    100% Swedish sheep wool (Lovikka)

  • Care instructions

    The wool is in itself dirt-repellent, ie. the dirt settles on the surface, and  this is because the wool contains natural fats. Stains are usually good to remove with a damp cloth. Do this as soon as possible so that the stain does not have time to sink in. 

    It is possible to wash in 30 degrees (wool program).

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