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Safta och sylta

In Juices and jams you will find more than 90 classic recipes for all our most common berries and fruits. The berries of the forest and the garden, as well as apples and pears, citrus fruits, stone fruits and many more. How about strawberry juice, chilled rhubarb soup and elderflower jam? Blueberry jam, raspberry jam, raw strawberries and lingonberry drink? Or maybe sea buckthorn jam, pear chutney and peach melba?

Many recipes also come with tips on how to give the classic a taste twist. Add a spice, another berry or add to a wine or sugar syrup.

Pour your jam, juice and jam into a nice jar or bottle, put on a beautiful ribbon and a label and vips you have something good to give away. The book's beautiful pictures give you inspiration for your perfect gift.

Juice and jam also give you all the tips you need to fix the preparation, preservation, storage and freezing. And reminds you to foam well. 


Safta och sylta

  • Info about the book

    Author:  Malin Landqvist

    Designer:  Jenny Gemzell

    Format:  Carton

    ISBN:  9789174245738

    Language:  Swedish

    Number of pages:  91

    Release Date:  2016-06-07

    Publisher:  Bonnier Facts

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