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Seat cushion "Flowers"

My latest seat cushion is made of an exclusive needle felt from Filtmakeriet . The blanket is made of 100% Swedish sheep wool and what I have done is to cut out the different components for the cushion and felt them together with a felting needle. I have used wool yarn for the stems but everything else is made of colored needle felt.


The cushion is 38 cm in diameter and 1,5 cm thick. The thickness is important to me, it should be soft and comfortable, and I got it by felting double blankets together.




Seat cushion "Flowers"

  • Weights and Measures

    Diameter: 38 cm

    Thickness (height): 1,5 cm

    Weight: 85 g


  • Material

    100% Swedish sheep wool (folk wool / rya / gobelin wool), both in the needle felt and in the yarn.

  • Care instructions

    The wool is in itself dirt-repellent, ie. the dirt settles on the surface, and this is because the wool contains natural fats. Stains are usually good to remove with a damp cloth. Do this as soon as possible so that the stain does not have time to sink in.


    It is fine to wash at 30 degrees (wool program) but there is a small risk that it shrinks a little the first time you wash it in a washing machine. Should be plant dried!


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