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Knitted dishcloths - Christmas collection

This is a product that I, along with everyone else who has tested it, can highly recommend! I knit my dishcloths with a yarn that consists of hemp, cotton and modal. The material gives the dishcloths a fantastic absorbency! 


The Christmas collection consists of three garter stitch cloths. Knitted pattern gives the dishcloth a good structure for the purpose.  When there is little structure, the dishcloth catches both water and crumbs better. I use a thread of natural colored yarn and a thread of a colored yarn, in this case a green, a burgundy and a white color.


At home, we change dishcloths every two or three days, so it's good if you have these three knitted dishcloths to rotate between.


You clean them by washing it at 60 degrees with your usual detergent . However, do not use fabric softener as it impairs the absorbency.


When you get the dishcloths, they are about 20 x 20 cm, but when you start using them, they will stretch. Then they go back to the original measurements when you wash them. 


Do not forget to wash them before using them for the first time! This is when the absorption capacity kicks in.


I also want to say that over time, the colors fade slightly. Just so you know :)


Knitted dishcloths - Christmas collection

  • Measure

    about 20 x 20 cm

    They get bigger when used

  • Material

    Hemp yarn 34%, cotton 41% and modal 25%

  • Care instructions

    For ultimate absorbency, wash the dishcloth before using it. Wash at 60 degrees without fabric softener. 

    After use, hang the cloth so that it can dry.

    I recommend that you use a dishcloth for two to three days, then wash it at 60 degrees without fabric softener.

  • Quantity

    The collection consists of 3 dishcloths

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