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Crocheted basket in jute and hemp

I made this jute basket with the aim of having it for the gift kit, but then I thought it turned out so nice that I would like to sell the basket as my own craft.


The basket is crocheted in 100% jute, which is considered an environmentally friendly natural material.


Unlike the basket for the gift kit, I have added an edge of 100% hemp yarn here. The small basket was given green hemp thread and the large white hemp thread.  The edge of the hemp yarn is  of course optional and if you want it, you get to choose which of these two colors you want.


NOTE! Jute string is flexible so even if I crochet the hardest I can, the basket will not be completely static and firm in shape. 

Crocheted basket in jute and hemp

  • Weights and Measures


    14 cm in diameter

    7 cm high

    Weight 115 g



    17 cm in diameter

    7 cm high

    weight 157 g

  • Material

    100 % jutesnöre

    100 % hampagarn


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