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Crocheted dishcloths 3- and 6-pack

This is my latest collection of dishcloths!  These dishcloths are crocheted and consist of a yarn thread, unlike the dishcloths in  my first collection. The crochet pattern is reminiscent of elastic and it creates a perfect structure for a dishcloth. The cloth becomes stretchable and the structure helps to catch crumbs etc. 


The material, which consists of hemp and cotton,  has a very good absorption capacity and thus fits perfectly in the kitchen. A tip is to wash the dishcloths once before you start using them. It's like the absorbency kicks in properly after that first wash.


You clean them by washing it at 60 degrees with your usual detergent. However, do not use fabric softener as it impairs the absorbency.


When you get the dishcloths, they are about 20 x 20 cm, but when you start using them, they will stretch. Then they go back to the original measurements when you wash them. 


These dishcloths cost SEK 125 each, so if you order a 3-pack you save SEK 45. When you order a 6-pack, you save SEK 150. If you choose 6-pack, you must also choose a color combo. Then select the option called "6-pack (one of each color)"

Crocheted dishcloths 3- and 6-pack

  • Measure

    Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm

  • Material

    34% hemp

    41% cotton

    25% modal

  • Care instructions

    Change the cloth every two or three days. Wash at 60 degrees without fabric softener. 

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